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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you offer free consultations for us to discuss our day with you?


I meet up with all my potential clients/celebrants for a free no obligation chat as I feel it is very important that you feel comfortable and confident with your photographer prior to making a decision.


Do I have to spend hours on my wedding day having pictures taken of me?


No not unless you specifically want to. I try and spend somewhere between 15 & 30 minutes alone with the couple to shoot some personal portraits, but other than any group shots and some arrangements (as the day progresses), you are free to enjoy your wedding day!


How long will you stay at my wedding/event?


Usually as long as long as you want me to! It is good to cover at least some of the evening do (& the first dance) as there are usually new guests arriving by then, plus that is when the shyer ones get going and they tend to let there hair down a bit more!


Do you take any formal or group photographs?


I shoot whatever you want and group shots are very much a part of the wedding day experience for both you and your guests. The trick is to not to shoot too many, to manage them well and to make sure they don't take up too much time.  So we will discuss your ideas re the group shots well in advance of the day and draw up a list. I always ask the couple in advance for each photo group. Also please inform anyone that is on your group shot list that they are on it!


Do we have to have group photos at all?


Not if you don't want to. Quite a lot of couples don't like the idea at all, but I always say it's your day so therefore your rules! It is entirely your choice but I would suggest warning your families beforehand if you decide to not have any taken as they may object and possibly ask me directly for specific shots (which would then possibly make it slightly awkward!).


Will you photograph everyone?


I always try and photograph every guest but this is easier said than done sometimes (especially at larger weddings). Some guests will shy away from the camera and others are like moths to a light bulb! So while I make every effort to photograph everyone sometimes someone can be missed. If it is critical that every body is photographed then I can do this but it means me having a list of every guest attending and I then tick them off as I shoot (this can be very intrusive and time consuming but it can be done if need be). I always try and shoot a large group shot of all the guests so this is usually a good opportunity to get everyone involved and it usually makes the shy ones feel a bit less self conscious.


Do you photograph the actual ceremony?


I / we discuss this with the people officiating the ceremony and if I am allowed and if it is not too distracting or you and the guests then yes I will shoot the actual ceremony.



Can we speak to the people who have left testimonials on your testimonials page?


Yes of course, just just let me know who you would like to chat to and I will pass on their contact details.


Can our wedding pictures be viewed on the internet?


Yes, with your permission I upload your wedding photos to a password protected section of my website. You can also upload them to facebook (or other social networking sites) if you choose to do so, all I ask is that you mention my name & include my website address if you decide to do this.  


How many pictures do you take and do we get all of them?


I typically shoot somewhere between 500 to 850 images, depending the duration of event, size of the wedding and the number of guests

(I usually edit all my photos and deliver them all to my clients- you can be guaranteed of at least 250-300 copies minimum)

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